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Nokia 3600 slide red ? an thumping handset with outstanding features

3600 slide red offers the atypical features that are hardly found in any further ambulatory phone. Attractive themes, 64 polyphonic globe tones, java applications for playing games and wallpapers add additional elegance to the front of the handset This handset is accredited as a finest ambulatory phone according to the authoritarian standards by the government after the successful short of radio emission evaluation

Nokia 3600 slide red ? an extraordinary handset with outstanding features

Nokia 3600 slide red is the flawless ornament developed by Nokia from all perspectives. Whether it is managing of media files, precaution of data contents, entertainment or informative areas, it fulfills every vision of the customers that they fantasy at the instance of purchasing of handset The specific software is installed into your phone memory for connecting to computer practice and performs the identical functionality as both are same

Nokia PC suite provided by 3600 slide red

The Nokia PC suite facilitates the customers to connect their handset with windows based computer procedure and then the accessing the expressive files from the system. The next functions are performed by Nokia 3600 slide red

Nokia PC suite offers the easiness for transferring the pictures, images, vinyl clips and supplementary story files among your motile phone and PCThis suite automatically updates the calendars and contacts onto your handset and computerBy using this handset, the users are facilitated to connect their off file computer manner to internet.

Some downloadable applications are besides offered by Nokia 3600 slide red, the users can download these to augment the functionality of Nokia PC suiteBy providing Nokia PC suite, this handset offers for the backup of eminent or bright story onto the personal computer

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The absolute container of 3600 slide red comes with lessor of accessories to choose from which include:

The handset 3600 slide redNokia cannonade BL 4SConnectivity cable CA 101Stereo headset HS 47The action charger for Nokia AC 4The memory expansion card of 512 MB , MU 28User guide or guide